Intermediate Math

General Math Information

We have 2 resources for students in Math.  Mathletics is available for each intermediate student with their password.  Each student also has a Jump Math book to work in to get extra practice on each topic.

Each student is required to bring home computation math sheets from Monday to Thursday and hand in Friday

We love doing 3 Act Math tasks, predict and solve crazy problems. Here is a link to some examples:


Grade 6/7

We are learning how to create circle graphs!  Follow all the steps to achieve your outcome!


Grade 8

Here is a Pythagoras work page:

Grade 6/7  Here is a video from Khan Academy to explain integers



This week we will do our Supplementary Math assessment which includes Mastery of Basic Facts, How Many Ways and Problem Posing.


What is Quiz of the Day? A daily practice question which covers curriculum concepts such as place value, fractions, word problems, patterning are practiced all year long

What is HMW? HMW=How Many Ways. Given a number, students need to find multiple ways to create the number. They get points for creative ways to find the number. A top grade 7 might find as many as 11 unique ways to describe the number.

Problem Solving/Problem Posing. Not only do students answer word problems they create them as well!!! Samples will be pinned to their blogs next week.

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