Lisa Neighbour Visits our class for Art

Lisa Neighbour and artist living in our community to do art visited our 4-7 classroom.  She spoke beautifully about the meaning of art and students communicated that art is for:

  • Making people happy
  • Telling stories
  • Expressing feelings and emotions
  • For enjoyment
  • For money
  • To pass time to meditate (it can change time)


She spole about events in your life can change you, something happens and changes everything.

  • Take a trip
  • Accidents
  • Marriage
  • Birth of a sibling, child
  • Sickness

Once this happens how do our ideas change?  She asked the students to examine ideas of vision

  • Most of us have 2 eyes
  • In our brain we take everything and have one things
  • It is a metaphor looking through glass to see Sointula
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