Important Information about our last term

After a wonderful spring break we are now into our last term. The classroom has been painted and looks beautiful. We had a speaker from Scientists in the schools (Science World) who shared about spiders and reptiles. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. He made it clear that spiders do not bite! He also wanted students to know the difference between a poison and a venom. There are quite a few activities off island planned in the next several months.

April 1: NISS trades woodworking: 1-3pm

April 6: Visit to Regional Science Fair exhibits: 11am-2pm

April 7: Regional Science Fair

May 13-17: Grade 5’s Camping

May 23: Climbing Wall at Niss : 8-2pm (return to school)

May 29: District Track Meet

June 12: Whale Watching trip

June 17-21: Grade 7’s Victoria Trip


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