Z Art Portfolio Guidelines

    My Personal Art Portfolio (electronic evidence)

This final term you will create at least 6 pieces of artwork. There are 4 required pieces and 2 personal choice pieces.

The required pieces are


3-D model (clay, wire, paper mache, other),



Free choice and could include any art media, dance performance, theatre performance, movie trailer, musical performance, engineering design (grade 7’s ceiling tile) or? This is your personal choice.

In addition to the art pieces you must do 4 personal reflections-communication (at least one page and must meet performance standards in writing for your grade), 2 artist profiles (use template provided) and post your 6 most significant pieces to your “Art Page” of your blog. One of the artist profiles could also be your French Fair profile. You may temporarily store your works in the shared folder until you are ready to make your electronic portfolio.

This is a significant amount of work and you should make a plan how you will complete this task. Work completed outside of class is not acceptable for all the pieces. Evidence of personal work must be shown in class.
The portfolio will be marked with the following class created criteria for design and will include Language Arts marks for the communication of ideas.
Portfolio Marks
Sketching Model Painting Printmaking
Design Elements
Personal Piece #1 Personal Piece #2 Design Elements /25

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