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Tiny House Project Questions

Planning Questions for Day One:
Before you design your floor plan, think about the essential components of any home. Answer the following questions before you begin drawing:

1) How many people will be living in your home?

2) Will your home be mobile or stationary?

3)  Will your home be “off the grid?” If so, how will it generate electricity and heat? What type of waste removal system will you use?

4)  Where will your home be located?

5)  What are some important components you want to include in your home?

6) Will your house have just one floor, or will it include a loft or two? What will the loft be used for? How will you get into the loft?

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April 28, 2020

Daily Quiz— T Tables and Graphing on the Coordinate Plane (ask me to show you if needed)

Zoom sessions with Barb and Annie starting at 9:15am

When we meet at 9:30am we will be looking at our native plants survey and seeing how to use some simple commands in Excel. Should be interesting!

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