All about Science Fair 2024 Info

Science this term is a Science Fair Project. There are three possible projects to choose from (although I recommend choosing something different from last time): Experiment, Study or Innovation. The most important thing is to choose  what to do and not to change projects mid way through. Your project must be approved by both the teacher and principal and must follow the code of ethics.

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Here are some resources to  started!

Science Fairs BC (Science Fairs in BC and project types-includes ethical guidelines)

Science Buddies (includes many project ideas)

Science Fair Ethical Guidelines (People and Animals)

Science Fair Awards



Here are the deadlines for your project so you stay on track!

 Jan 22, 2023- Several ideas should be generated and the project idea is defined. Please use your Google Doc to record information and add all of your work into your project book. It does not allow copying and pasting from websites! Start adding each website you visit (or book you have read) to your project. Use Bibliography maker if you wish:

 Jan 30th – Question, Hypothesis, Materials, and Procedure are due and must be able to be reviewed  by teacher. If doing an innovation, a schematic should be drawn.  If doing a study/project and outline of topics should be planned.

February 15th – Experiments: (observations, results of your experiment, graphs and/or tables showing results),  Study: should have a minimum of 5 pages typewritten with no fewer than 8 references. Knowledge of which types of displays and graphs that will be used to finish project.  Innovation: should have a completed essay, schematic and a prototype to go with it.  The prototype may still need  work.

March 5th– Science Fair projects are due and will be reviewed by teacher.  Projects are presented on a display board at this time.  Students will practice the presentation of their project with their peers. Students may come at a time organized during the week to do backboards with their parents.

March– A.J. Annual Science Fair