Learning for 3rd Term 2020

Hello, For the first time in my lifetime we are part of a pandemic. To slow the spread of the covid-19 virus school is going to look different for April, May and very likely June of 2020. Some of these details were sent home in a letter. Teachers will be providing work either offline or Read More…

2020 is here!

The new year is here and there are many exciting events happening at AJ. -Science Fair is beginning, check out the Science Fair page for more information -Missoula is here in 2 weeks -We will be Skiing on Feb 3,2020 Should be an amazing term!

School CPR presentation

Mr. Brett came by our school today and shared how students can use CPR to save a life. He also shared where AED devices are located in our community. Students really benefited from this experience. Thank You!