Science Review Questions

Science Review How do we interact with water, rocks, minerals, soils, and plants?   How can Earth be considered a closed material system?   How can we act as stewards of our environment?   What are some resources First Nation’s people use?   Grade 7: How and why have Earth and its climate changed over Read More…

2020 is here!

The new year is here and there are many exciting events happening at AJ. -Science Fair is beginning, check out the Science Fair page for more information -Missoula is here in 2 weeks -We will be Skiing on Feb 3,2020 Should be an amazing term!

Science Fair

Students participated in our Local Science Fair and then many students qualified for Regionals.  Congratulations to winners in 3/4 study and experiment, grade 5/6 experiment, grade 6 study and grade 8 study. There were third place wins in grade 5/6 study and grade 7/8 experiment.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Day

In May our class attended the district STEM day.  The day was organized around First Nation’s principles of sustainability and farming. We learned many interesting things about how First Nation’s peoples farmed in this area.  Students were given an opportunity to cultivate clams, salmon or some type of root vegetable for their projects.  We came Read More…