Le Meteo

Bonjour Etudiants!

Your next project will be about the weather. In your groups you will be creating a weather report. You will need a map of an area (preferably in France or Quebec), and 4 days of forecasts (each person will be able to give one). You will need to state the day and the weather predicted for the area. This will be videotaped and posted to your blog. (Note…Those not wanting their image on can use a pointer and speak about the weather).

Today, please post about your current project (do not use full names of your partners) on your main blog page. Then create a separate page called “Le meteo”. This page will have a link to a weather forecast (in French), a link or page of a weather chart with symbols  as well as a link to your weather forecast (when it is complete). Anything related to this project should go on that page.

Bonne Chance!

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