Fashion Show

In the next few weeks we will be preparing a mini fashion show. First, students needs to choose a clothing item or set of items that are french “inspired”. This can be a historical french outfit or a modern day piece of clothing. Some students may choose,for instance, the beret for their clothing item. They could also choose a French symbol to display on their clothing. Opportunities are endless. Items can be handmade or bought from the thrift store. Second, students will write a paragraph describing their clothing item(s). This will be read at the fashion show as the student is walking down the runway. The paragraph needs to describe how the item is French. I will be marking the assignment on the following criteria.
1. The article of clothing/outfit is french inspired
2. The paragraph fully describes the clothing item and how it relates to French culture or history. (It can be Canadian or French in origins)
3. The student participates in the fashion show, brings required outfit and provides appropriate paragraph to be read (is written in English).

This fashion show will be held on November 16th in the afternoon and students in the school will be invited to attend.

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