Great First Week Back

Today in art we were creating house plans on the site (you can go down to the links to get there). To get in you need to use lansdo+(your name in lower case letters) . I gave you your password at school. Good luck designing your home! If you were away today, you can still try the site out, just call me at home for the password. There were some fantastic designs created today.

In PE we played our first ever 4/5 Throwball game and our first ever 6/7 volleyball game. Both these games went better than expected. I look forward to skills improving over the year. On Mondays at lunch, Mrs. M will be holding basketball games for the class.

The members of the salmon dream team have been named with Niall as the captain. Other members include Lucy, Jason, Quang and Jonny. Good luck team! Louisa Bates is the new coordinator and she will be delivering the eggs to us on January 23rd, 2014.

There are new Social Studies projects under way, determined by grade level. The outline for these projects is on the board in the classroom if you were away.

Spend some time practicing converting mixed numbers to improper fractions! Good luck grade 6’s!

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