Last Term Ahead!


I think we are going to have a busy couple of months. In math we will be finishing and reviewing all of our grade outcomes. Hopefully we can master all of the concepts! This term there will be three major units: Art portfolio, French Fair and a Science Unit combined with a series of activities. Please look under the appropriate page for more information about each of these units. I have changed the format of my page so that assignments and criteria are easier to find for everyone. Just scroll down the right hand side of the page to find all the pages with assignments.

This week Caleb will be visiting on Tuesday. On Friday we will go to Port McNeill to see the speaker Gary Anaka and the museum in Port Mcneill. Next week is Missoula Theatre! Grade 5’s will be going to Camp Homewood and Grade 7’s to Victoria before the year ends. Please do not hesitate to email or comment if you have any questions.


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