June is Here!

The year has almost closed and I do have some regrets about the lack of blogging I achieved this year. Students did a few blog posts, the most interesting being the Persuasive Essays. Students are showing a great deal of talent for writing.

As for June, there are so many amazing things happening. Track and Feild, Grade 4/6 First Nation’s Day, Grade 7 feild trip, Beach day and of course Year end assembly. I will do my best to post some of these things to my blog. Keep checking Ms. Watson’s blog for Pictures from the Track meet.

I would like to spend the last month working on the tricky math topics some students may still struggle with. In the grade 4/5 class being able to divide is neccessary as well as finding area, perimeter and volume. In the grade 6/7 class percentage and algebra are the main focus.

Please refer to the school newsletter for any important dates.

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